History and principles

Donchev Comers 94 was established in 1996 in Varna, but it began constructional activity in 2004 . Our prime object of activity is engineering/ designing, construction and remodelling of apartment buildings and commercial zones. Over the years the company has established its own material base, qualified managing staff and experienced and trained construction workers. Our principle considerations are connected not only with our clients’ satisfaction, but also with our final users.

How do we work?

We strive to insure our clients with the peace and security they need, while we take care of the construction and remodelling of their offices, apartments, summerhouses/villas or commercial zones. The establishment of maximum comfort and minimum trouble are one of our main priorities during the process of our work. The firm strives to working fully with its own equipment so as to evade the delay of terms, due to commitment of sub-contractors.

Donchev Comerce 96 has its own:

"Peri" shuttering

All sorts of hammer-drilling technique

facade scaffhold 400m2

2 hoists (Haspel) 18m each

Truck KIA - payload 2t

Truck Mercedes- 5t tip lorry

2 vans Ford transit vertical shuttering

Vertical shuttering

For all other machinery we have a contract and a solid partnership over the years with “Tempo-trans” firm +359899870202, a reliable and correct partner with a wide range of new machines.


Primary values

The professionalism, high achievements, creativity, flexibility and innovations to make sure that the results we will achieve, are of the best quality. Our actions, plans and projects are pointed towards improving the environment and reducing its negative consequences. Each of our projects is consistent with the economic and financial situation, technical practicability, aesthetic kind and functionality.

Some of our projects

Organization and human resources

The working staff of Donchev Comerce 96  is divided into brigades of 6 to 8 people for a better flexibility and productivity. When in need of covering a bigger area, more than one brigade work together. The good security with instruments and technique, as well as the middle age of 38 make the work of the staff exclusively productive, fast and of high quality.


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